Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surgeries in Lima, Perú

I departed to Lima early monday morning. I had planned to leave on Sunday, but the Air Comet flight was delayed. It was a very special trip, as the pilot was my brother Enrique. He invited me to see the take off from the cockpit. I learned a lot about planes and I was impressed to see how it is full of technology and how they follow strict protocols and constant verification in contact with air controllers from nearby airports. It was a great experience and I felt very proud to see my little brother piloting an aeroplane with such mastery.

He is passionate about planes since he was little and he fought hard to become a pilot. He is a champion!! I admire him deeply, he did a perfect landing!

Once in Lima, I went to the Marriot Hotel and then we drove to the Hospital El Golf, where we did two operations with Dr. Elvis Sueldo and Dr. César Quincot. Both were uneventful and they had a good chance to get hands on experience with the technique.

After we finished the operations, we went to the headquarters of the Peruvian Urological Association, where I gave a talk on photoselective vaporization of the prostate with the Greenlight HPS laser in front of a numerous group of Peruvian Urologists, who were very interested in the technology.

Then we had a tipical dinner, a "piqueo criollo" with local refreshments. In Perú they dring Inca-Cola, a very nice soda that sells much more than Coke over here.

The following morning started early, we went back to the Hospital El Golf to do a third case and then we went to another Hospital, Santa Teresa, where we did two operations with Dr. Jorge Saldaña. He is a young urologist with an impressive spirit.

He really believes in pushing technology forward and has decided, like me, to write a blog to narrate his experiences.

Everything was uneventful without problems, although one of the prostates was very big and took a while to complete.

Then we went out for dinner to celebrate the success of the surgical sessions and I try the famous Peruvian Ceviche, with Pisco Sour, a local drink that Peruvians claim they make better than the Chilenians. They I went to sleep, as the time change is quite tough and I had to fly to Ecuador. I left Perú happy after the experience and grateful to these three wonderful urologists!!

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