Friday, November 11, 2011

San Luigi Hospital, Torino

From Belgrade I flew to Torino, Italy, where I had to visit Hospital San Luigi, to perform a demonstration of the GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser in action. I did two operations with the urologists of San Luigi. The Italian hospitals are very well equipped and in this one there is a lot of robotic laparoscopic procedures being carried out.

We had a problem with the visibility during the operation as we tried to use a three chip endoscopic camera. These are not ideal for GreenLight surgery, as the image gets too saturated.

Then we used a high definition camera that was amazingly good. I showed them the anatomic vaporization technique by with the prostatic capsule is localized to allow for a complete removal of the adenoma.

Then I left to Milan, where I tried to catch a flight to Sofia. Unfortunately I was late and I lost the flight, and I had to find an alternative option, fly to Athens, sleep there and then fly to Sofia early in the morning.

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