Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surgeries in Sofia, Bulgaria

Following with my collaboration with the Hill Clinic in Sofia, in this occasion we had two very busy days.

On Saturday I arrived a little later than planned from Athens, and we started to operate a little bit late. We had six operations scheduled for the day. On sunday we operated five more patients. We did ten GreenLEPs (GreenLight enucleations) and one vaporization, and all of them were fine. One of the patients had a 230 g prostate, and all the other patients had prostates over 100 g.

To me, operating in Hill is always very interesting, the cases they select for me are the more complex, bigger prostate glands. Operating complex case after complex case in this way is an excellent opportunity for me to keep learning small details, trying technical variations that allow me to mature and perfect even more the GreenLEP technique.

We received a visit from a local urology professor from Sofia and I showed him the GreenLEP technique. He left us very impressed with what he saw, being able to treat these patients with big prostates with such a minimally invasive way, such elegant procedure is always very surprising.

The fastest procedure took 40 minutes, we can do this procedure faster, safer and more satisfactorily. It was an intense weekend, but very interesting and productive. It is always a pleasure to go to Sofia.

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