Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Surgeries in Quito, Ecuador

I could reach Quito after a long trip. My plane from Avianca broke down while trying to take off, and the flight was cancelled, so I had to wait one day to travel. I was going to operate with Dr. Ricardo Yépez and Dr. Saskia Suarez, at Hospital Carlos Andrade Marín.

Con el Dr. Ricardo Yépez antes de entrar en el Hospital
I was very impressed by quality of the technical equipment available in the surgical rooms in this hospital. It seems the government is investing heavily in infrastructure and has pushed healthcare forward significantly.

The objective of this visit was twofold, the first objective was to help my colleagues to start with GreenLight Enucleation of the prostate. We operated two days and we went through step by step surgical technique and we could deepen in details and improve several important technical aspects.

Prostate enucleation is a complex technique and to be able to perform it properly it is important to have specific surgical instruments, an impeccable anesthetic technique, a properly trained surgical team and to pay great attention to detail. The clinical results are excellent and many of the patients we operated, not specially easy cases, went home the same day of the operation.

The second objective was to support Dr. Yépez and Dr. Suarez with the planification of the first international congress of the GRILUR (Grupo Iberoamericano de Láser en Urología) that will take place in this hospital in July 26th-29th, 2012, with special focus in the minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) as well as of urinary stones. It will be an important congress, with live surgeries and the participation of international experts. We had a good chance to comment on the current status of the organization of the meeting that aims to gather those spanish and american urologists interested in the use of lasers for the treatment of urinary tract diseases.

We also had a chance to travel to the east where we visited amazing places and I was able to enjoy my friend's hospitality.

Then I returned to Madrid. A long trip, but definitely worth it!

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