Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surgeries in Belgrade, Serbia

I went to Belgrade, Serbia, to help in the presentation of the new GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser at the Dean's building of the University of Serbia.

The distributor company of Americal Medical Systems in Serbia, Medicon, donated a laser to the Clinical Center of Serbia, the most relevant urology department in the country, to allow the Serbian people to access to this treatment at the national health service.

I presented the technology and its advantages and then I performed two live procedures, that were transmitted to the room, full of local dignitaries, as the Serbian Minister of Health, or the ambassador of the United States in Serbia.

The session was very successful. I enjoyed thoroughly helping to introduce this marvelous technology in a country like this.

I also had a very nice moment when one of the patients I operated in my previous visit to Belgrade, a famous serbian actor who had a huge prostate gland, on whom I performed a GreenLight enucleation, a very difficult case, came to see me. He very kindly described how well he was feeling and how happy he was, he brought one of his movies for me and we spoke about his life in cinema, and commented on Emir Kusturiça, who directed him in multiple occasions, and who I love as a director.

Soon I will return to Serbia to train the urologists who are going to start using this laser.

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